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  Digital Gauges Monitor Engine, 
  Transmission, Performance &
  Trip Data you've been missing!

    15 Digital Gauges are built in. See list below.
         Display 4 gauges at a time, choosing any gauge or trip   
         data, anytime. English or Metric units.   

                                    Up to 25 Vehicle Specific Gauges 
       can be added, such as Trans Fluid Level, (Fluid Temp is
       built-in), Engine Oil temp, Exhaust Temp, Ambient Air
       Temp, Digital Fuel Level, and more. Varies by vehicle.
       Read more > Xgauges & Codes 

    5 Trip Computers each store up to 9 parameters
        More Trip Data than OEM, often more accurate.
​        See list below.

                                           Measure Time, Distance,
                                           Speed or Braking Performance 
        Save and Compare 8 performance runs.
        Choose any digital gauge to save in each test run. 

    Scan Tool 
        Read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
        Turn off 'Check Engine Light' (Can restore MPG)
        Save money on shop charges.
Trip Computers 

Reset 'Current Trip' anytime,  discover fuel efficient speed, pacing and routes. Plan and Track Daily Driving or Trips. 
Scan Tool

Know the codes before shop repairs. DIY when you choose. Primary vehicle settings saved when scanning other vehicles. 
Digital Gauges

Learn fuel efficient driving skills. Spot Trouble early. 
Mix Trip and Gauge readings, display 4 favorites together
Current Trip/Trip A
Today's Trips/Trip B
Yesterday's Trips

          Standard or Metric Units
  • Av Trip MPG or KmPL
  • Average Trip Speed
  • Fuel Used on Trip
  • Fuel Cost for Trip
  • Fuel Cost Per Mile/Km
  • Driving Time
  • Distance
  • Maximum Speed any trip
              (check other drivers)
  • Maximum RPM any trip
  • Max. Coolant Temperature

  How Far to Empty
  • Fuel Remaining in Tank
  • Miles and Drive Time
          to go at current speed

  Trip Data Since Fill-Up
  • Fuel Used
  • Miles Driven
  • Time Driving
Built-in Digital Gauges

          Standard or Metric Units
  • Instantaneous MPG or KmPL
  • Fuel Cost Per Mile or Km
  • Fuel Rate of use per hour
  • Transmission Fluid Temp
          With each 20 degF drop   
          your fluid life doubles and  
          transmissions last longer.
  • Digital Speedometer
          (adjust to tire or gearing change)
  • Tachometer  (RPM)
  • Oil Pressure
  • Coolant Temperature
               (overheating shortens life of
                coolant, heater core and
                aluminum engine parts)
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Battery Volts o.1V accuracy
  • Load (to control downshifts)
  • Throttle Position ( " )
  • Horsepower (instantaneous)
  • Manifold & Boost Pressure
Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader

Modern diesels are
computer controlled.
ScanGaugeD reads
the trouble codes and 
sensors for repairs.

  • Warns you automatically
          when a trouble code is  
          detected ('on' or 'off' option)
  • Reads Trouble Codes
  • Clears Trouble Codes
  • Reads Active, Inactive 
          and Pending Codes
  • Shows Conditions that set
           the trouble codes, helps
           find intermittent trouble.
  • Turn Off Check Engine Light
           (Service Engine Soon Light)

        ScanGaugeD works with
        J1939 system (round 9 pin)
        J1708 system (round 6 pin)
        ECU connectors​.

                                             Xgauge Add-On Gauges and Special Command Gauges

     You can add up to 25 engine and transmission         Command Gauges are seldom used gauges not part of
     gauges specific to your vehicle.                                  the regular menu. Add up to 10, use only when needed.

                                   3 Year Limited Warranty
                                     30 Day Unconditional
                                   Money Back Guarantee

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63 backlit colors to match your dash 

Improve your MPG
                Fuel efficiency gauges

  • Instantaneous & Average MPG
  • Current or Partial Trip MPG 
  • Fuel Used & Cost For Trip
  • Cost Per Mile and more!
​                 Read More

     Easy Plug-In Install
      on most '87 and newer diesels
      with J1939 (round 9 pin) or 
      J1708 (round 6 pin) ECU connector.

     English or Metric Units Display

     6 foot combination 6-pin & 9-pin
     removable connector cable

     All data and power from vehicle.
           Batteries not needed​

     User settings and trip data
     saved even when unplugged!

          Read User Reviews!
                                   Measure the performance of your vehicle for short periods
                                   of time, distance, speed, acceleration or braking.

Measure 0-60 MPH acceleration time or 60-0 MPH braking time, or another target speed. Measure time and speed at distances of 60ft, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 mile or in 100 ft increments.         Record and Save up to 8 performance runs. Choose any gauge to include in each run.
Always Exceptional Service, Support and Warranty
MAP $159.95
(MSRP​ is $169.95)

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Big Diesels - OTR trucks, Pusher Motor Homes, Stationary.
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