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  • All Fuels
  • Fuel Saving Features!
  • Easy Plug-in Install - No Tools!
  • Compact size 
  • Fits almost anywhere!
  • 63 backlit display colors
  • High Contrast LCD display
  • English or Metric units
  • Portable to other vehicles
  • Easy Menu Driven Operation
  • No Batteries needed
  • Data saved even disconnected
ScanGauge Fuel Efficiency Gauges

                      How would you know your speed 
                      if you didn't have a speedometer?

The ScanGauge Instantaneous MPG Gauge is your "speedometer" for MPG !!
   It pinpoints gas wasting and gas saving driving habits as they occur
   Vehicles with a MPG Gauge only show Average MPG over distances,
   like the odometer that shows distance driven.
Easily learn gas saving driving habits. Your ScanGauge purchase includes a
Free "Quick Start Driving Tips for More MPG" exclusively from

The Current Trip MPG Gauge can be reset at any time, for any distance, to compare best routes,  
   driving techniques, vehicle modifications, etc.

The Average MPG Gauges simultaneously track your increasing MPG for Current Trip, 
   Todays total, Yesterdays total and since Fill-up to compare and monitor progress.

The MPG Graph Display exclusive in the ScanGauge E.  Graphically displays your
   "MPG Average" or "MPG Goal" and how you are gaining or trailing. 
   Adjustable in a 10 second to 10 minute timeline.
ScanGauge can display cost per mile at the price you pay for gas. Talk about motivation!  

ScanGauge pays for itself in gas savings plus many more benefits
   in gauges, trip computers and a scan tool to read and clear trouble codes.

Many drivers have fun with it and make a game of seeing how high they can get 
Average MPG and how much longer a tank of gas lasts. It's money in the pocket!

ScanGauge is your valued, ever present reminder and motivator...
because it's so easy to fall back into common gas wasting driving habits.

Check the Price/Sale page for advantages when buying from
A ScanGauge user in New Jersey says...
  "The instantaneous fuel economy and throttle % indicators (gauges) have 
    helped me. I am now getting better than EPA rated fuel economy. 
    EPA...highway: 27, I...average 33 mpg."  "the ScanGauge is priceless.
    Anything the car's computer knows, it can tell you." 
   "...indispensible once you have one."             Daniel P., Pennsauken, NJ
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Fuel Efficiency Gauges Help You Exceed EPA MPG Ratings!

     US EPA and DOE road tests reveal common driving habits
     can reduce Miles Per Gallon up to 1/3 !
     ScanGauge Instantaneous MPG gauge pinpoints common fuel wasting  
     driving habits as they occur. Seeing ways to save fuel is easy!  Read More

                    FREE "Quick Start for More MPG" guide
                    only from
More Gauges + More Accurate
  than you find in any vehicle ... examples:

     Transmission Fluid Temp          Coolant Temp to 1 degree       Air/Fuel Ratio
     Turbo Boost Pressure                Intake Air Temperature            RPM, Speed
     Throttle Position Sensor            Engine Oil Temperature           Horsepower
     Battery Volts & Charging Volts to 0.1V accuratcy                      Many more!

     Read about gauges and how they are used on the Products page.
Scan Tool
     Reads & Clears Trouble Codes. Turn off Check Engine Light & more.
     Shows when vehicle is ready to pass emissions test.
5 Trip Computers
   Current Trip, Today's Trips, Yesterday's Trips each track10 Trip Gauges.
    Tank Since Fill tracks 6 Trip Gauges. Even tracks Max RPM, Max Speed and 
     Max Coolant Temp for Current Trip, Today or Yesterday totals. Read more.
   Tank to Empty
     Tracks remaining Fuel, Distance and Driving Time. Accurate in changing terrain.
Easy Install  Plug-in under the dash - no tools or wiring
For Fleet Information and Purchases

63 Display Colors
      "Indispensible once you have one"
                      "...pays for itself..."
(mouse-over images)
ScanGauge reads your vehicle computer & sensors giving you
New Digital Accuracy Gauges, Trip Computers & Scan Tool in one!
Hybrid Vehicle Special Gauges
     State of Charge, HV Battery Voltage & Current, Cell Temp, Inverter Temp, 
     Charge Max, Discharge Max, etc. Read More about gauges for your Hybrid. 
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